The WoDe Vision Process

The process for developing a website, online ad, digital brochure, etc. can vary greatly. Every client and every project is different. Each project will have different needs, different budget requirements and different end goals.

Take a website for example, someone could want a website that is only one page and simply shares a short bit of information about them. Meanwhile, someone else could want a website that is thousands of pages, houses user-generated content, an online store and more. The process, timelines and requirements for these two websites will be very different.

At WoDe Vision we understand, appreciate and embrace these differences. We know that each project is its own special thing, and that each of our clients will have their own needs, desires, requirements and goals.

With that in mind, here is a generalized approach that we take for new projects:

  1. You contact us and tell us your needs by filling out our Project Questionnaire. Let us know what you are looking for, what your budget is, and a bit about yourself.
  2. We will review the materials you send us and either contact you back with a request for some more information, or we will put together a proposal for you to take a look at.
  3. Once we both agree on a proposal, we will move forward with the project. From this point on, the details regarding the process and the project will be outlined in the proposal.

Additionally, if you are looking to have a website built, the outline below will give you an idea of some of the steps that will be taken in the development process.

Website Development Overview

  1. Market Research
    1. Market research is performed to get a more comprehensive understanding of the market the website is part of and caters to. We look at things like market demographics, technical capabilities of the market, and perform a competitor analysis.
  2. Content Gathering & Generation
    1. Existing content for the website is gathered from the client, and depending on the details of the project proposal new content is generated by the client or in consultation with the client.
  3. Site Architecture & Organization
    1. Content is organized into logical categories, the behind the scenes website architecture is created, and the navigational structure of the site is determined.
  4. UX & Graphic Design
    1. Key elements of the user interface, user experience, and interactivity of the site are flushed out and designed.
    2. The graphical look and feel of the site is developed and decided upon
  5. Development
    1. The site is developed using the appropriate technologies, languages, and techniques
    2. Any development outside of the areas of expertise of the in-house staff will be completed by outside experts that we decide upon and work with.
  6. Testing & Revisions
    1. The developed site is tested by WoDe Vision, the client, and selected testing groups.
    2. Any deficiencies in the build discovered during the Testing phase will be corrected.
    3. These steps are repeated until the product is satisfactory.
    4. Publishing & Going Live
    5. The site is published live online where it will now be accessible to everyone.
  7. Testing
    1. More tests are performed to make sure no errors or problems developed in the process of making the site live.
    2. Any problems encountered are addressed.
  8. Maintenance
    1. The Maintenance phase of the site begins. The details regarding maintenance will be determined in the accepted project proposal.

How WoDe Vision Operates

After getting all the required information from you, most of which will come from the project questionnaire, we will provide a comprehensive proposal outlining the project’s scope, process, timeline, deliverables, estimated itemized costs and a total price.

As part of this, it is important to understand that we will define the process and run the project. Taking your timeline and constraints into consideration, we will determine the project timeline, individual deadlines and milestones. We will meet each of these deadlines and milestones on time, and will require you commit to meeting the deadlines we set for you and your team. Keep in mind along with the hard work WoDe Vision will be doing, the building of a website will require significant work, input and dedication from you and your team.

To better understand our methodology and the reasoning behind it, it is important to understand what WoDe Vision is. WoDe Vision is an expert in the online design and production field, and we understand the ins and outs of user experience, design, information architecture, web standards, accessibility and search engine findability among many other things. In short, we are experts and professionals at what we do. We will learn and understand your goals and using our expertise and experience we will determine the best ways to meet those needs. Our goal is to create a product that you and your target market will be happy with and that will meet both your short and long term goals.

In the same way that a person can’t get a satisfactory result telling their doctor how to perform their surgery, or by telling the engineers at Ferrari how to build their cars, time has shown the same principle holds true for design. The projects that are most satisfactory for clients in the long run always come from letting the design company be in control of the areas in which they are the experts. We truly enjoy the relationships we have with our clients and hope to develop such a relationship with you. However, if this type of working arrangement is something you are not interested in having, WoDe Vision may not be the right company for you.

To get more information and answers to some frequently asked questions, please take a look at our FAQ and contact us with any unanswered questions you may have.