WoDe Vision Project Questionnaire

The answers to the questions in this Project Questionnaire will help you get a product with which you are fully satisfied, and will help provide WoDe Vision the answers we need in order to move forward.

You may copy and paste these questions into your word processing program, download the .Doc Project Questionnaire document, or download the fillable PDF Project Questionnaire.

Additionally, if you would like to know more reasons about why completing this Project Questionnaire is important, please take a look at our FAQ page, or contact us with any questions you may have.

  1. What is the goal of the project?
    1. Is the goal of the project to gain new customers?
    2. Is the goal of the project to provide something primarily to current customers?
    3. Is a goal of this project to directly or indirectly sell a product?
    4. Is a goal of this project to help get recognition on search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, etc?
    5. Is a goal of this project to allow customers to easily access information, or items such as forms and documents?
    6. What are the things that I think this project will do for me and my customers?
  2. When does this project need to be completed by?
    1. Are there any portions of the project that need to be completed prior to the completion of the full project?
    2. Is there a particular reason for the full project and specific project component deadlines? E.g. The website needs to be live and available in time for a news conference.
  3. What does the project require in terms of monetary, time input, and resources commitments? (As an example of something to consider for a website: "Am I aware of what it really takes to put together a quality website and web presence?")
    1. Is it feasible to meet there requirements and commitments for an extended period of time?
  4. What is the total budget allocated to this project?
  5. What features are very important or required in this project? (List these in order of importance)
    1. What is important about each of these features? What benefit does each feature provide?
    2. Are there any special features? E.g. Videos, animation, photo slide shows, areas accessible only to certain people, online shopping carts, etc.
  6. Is all the content needed for the project created?
    1. If yes, is all the content packaged together and ready to go?
      1. Does the content have a clear consistent voice and is it tailored for the unique requirements of the project? (For example, writing for the web is very different than writing for other media)
    2. If no, how will the content be created or acquired?
      1. Is there a current staff member with the time and expertise needed to create the content, or will new staff need to be hired?
  7. What is the target market for this particular project and for the company overall?
    1. What are the demographics of the target market?
    2. What are some defining characteristics of this target market?
    3. What type of computers, devices, and browsers does this target market use?
  8. What are the secondary, tertiary, and other markets targeted by this project?
    1. What are the demographics of each of these markets?
    2. What are some defining characteristics of each of these markets?
    3. What type of computers, devices, and browsers do these markets use?
    4. How important are each of these markets?
  9. Who are the company's competitors?
    1. What are the websites of these competitors?
    2. What are some of the company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to these competitors?
    3. If the project you are looking to complete is not a website you have finished the required portion of this Project Questionnaire. If it is, please continue below.
    4. What are some advantages that could be highlighted on or reflected in the website?
    5. What are some of the good things about the competitors' websites?
    6. What are some of the bad things about the competitors' websites?
  10. What are some websites that possess qualities you like or would like to replicate in some form?
    1. What are the qualities and features which you like, and why?
  11. What are some websites that possess qualities and features you dislike or would like to avoid?
    1. What are the qualities and features you dislike, and why?
  12. Is one of the goals to sell products on the website directly to customers? If so:
    1. What payment methods need to be available to customers? (E.g. Paypal, Google Checkout, Credit Card, etc)
    2. Have the necessary budget and personnel arrangements been made to successfully set up and maintain the necessary website security certificates, legal compliance obligations and other requirements to process online financial transactions?
  13. Is there a specific domain name desired for this website project?
    1. Is the domain name still available, does it need to be purchased from a different company/person, or is it already registered?
  14. Has a host for the website been acquired, or is there a specific host that will be used for the website?
  15. How will the site be maintained once it is up and running online?
    1. Will someone outside of the company maintain the site?
      1. Do you want WoDe Vision to perform the site maintenance?
    2. Will the site be maintained by someone within the company?
      1. Does that person already have the necessary expertise, or will some training be required?
    3. Are the necessary funds to pay for continual hosting and other associated costs budgeted?